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Welcome to ADD Solutions of New Jersey
  • Is your child and family struggling with the challenges of ADD/ADHD or related disorder?
  • Is your child or loved one failing to achieve in school, socially, or at work?
  • Are you frustrated by battles over homework or chores?
  • Does your child have difficulties with focus, impulsivity, or sustaining attention?

We can help!

Cutting edge, effective, non-drug treatments are available to improve focus and attention, and to help individuals achieve greater success in school, careers and relationships.

Most importantly, our aim is to improve your child or loved one's self-confidence and feeling of well being for a happier, healthier, and more productive life!

Effective cognitive training solutions:

Cogmed Qualified Practice ADDSolutionsNJ is a proud licensee for Cogmed Working Memory Training. Cogmed is a non-medication approach based on solid scientific research. This state of the art, personalized treatment is provided within the comfort of your own home.

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Comprehensive Evaluation
  • What to Expect?

    image An evaluation is going to vary to a certain degree depending on the particular issues, presenting problems, and assessment goals. However, there are some key components to a thorough ADHD evaluation. Learn More
  • Is it Important?

    Is a Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Evaluation Important? YES! In order to develop the proper specialized solutions to the problems a person with ADHD and their family are confronting it is crucially important that there is an accurate diagnosis. Learn More
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Questions or Concerns About ADD / ADHD?

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