Dyslexia Facts

Dyslexia Facts

dyslexia facts treatments psychology

Dyslexia Facts

Fact #1: Dyslexia can be successfully treated!

  • Research suggests that the most severely reading-disabled students can make an average of a standard deviation of improvement on nationally normed reading tests!  The key to a successful intervention, research has shown us, includes:

-Directly teaching phonemic awareness to the advanced level

-Teaching and reinforcing phonic skills and phonic decoding

-Opportunities for reading connected text

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Fact #2: Dyslexia affects as much as 10% of children.

  • This means that in a given school classroom, there is a good chance that at least one or more children have dyslexia.
  • States are passing laws related to dyslexia, mandating that children in Kindergarten and 1st grade receive free dyslexia screenings.
  • This is an efficient practice so that we don’t have to wait for the child to begin demonstrating academic issues in order to start the evaluation process, thus preventing the child from falling behind academically and preventing any emotional consequences of the child feeling frustrated due to inability to understand reading education.

Fact #3: Dyslexia can run in families.

  • It is common for children with dyslexia to have a parent, grandparent, and/or sibling(s) who also had reading difficulties or were formally diagnosed with dyslexia.
  • Knowledge of family history helps so that parents can consider having their child screened at a young age.

Fact #4: Dyslexia is no longer considered something that children must “deal with” on their own and attempt to “blend in” so as not to stand out or interrupt the class.

  • Dyslexia is considered a learning disability, and parents of children (as well as the child him/herself), have rights. The child with dyslexia can receive accommodations in the classroom in order to facilitate a successful learning process for the child both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Pathways team of professionals has helped thousands of people with Dyslexia. We are Dedicated to effective and compassionate care for individuals with neurological challenges.

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Dyslexia Facts

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