All children want to succeed, be loved, and recognized for their unique, positive attributes. However, children with ADD/ADHD frequently find their lives full of frustration, failure, rejections from peers, and criticisms from ‘adults in charge’.

Throughout their development, children with ADHD are a greater risk for academic problems, oppositional behavior and antisocial conduct, and peer rejection. Due to their impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and/or problems with concentration, they may find their good intentions going unfulfilled.

This can lead to a decline in self-esteem, depression, and/or a pessimistic attitude about their future and their potential. At ADD Solutions we have a caring, knowledgeable staff who can help your child better understand how and why they struggle, and learn healthier, productive skills to help them reach their goals and create positive experiences in their lives.

Contact Dr. Gordon for help with your ADHD. We have treatment and solutions available online, by phone, and in our offices.